New Music Cultures Formed by Students in 2022

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Music plays an extremely positive role in helping students excel in their academic performance. Many analysts think that keeping music in schools is vital because of its multiple benefits. Music is also a great medium for expressing your identity and cultural diversity. That’s why music cultures formed by students emerge from time to time as a way of expressing their collective identity. There are lots of new and reshaped music cultures and trends coming to the fore. Let’s take a look at some of the new music cultures emerging in 2022. You must be fascinated to see many of these movements are not as new as they seem. Most of them are the ‘facelifts’
of the music cultures dating back to the previous century. We also see attempts to start campus-based bands in some colleges and universities across the country.

  • Fascination with the thirties

    There is a lot of fascination with the retro music of the thirties of the 20th century. Some of it has to do with the classical pieces by George Gershwin, who managed to produce timeless pieces. Other authors have also managed to stand the test of time. Cole Porter and John McCormack and just a couple of examples. By listening to their inimitable pieces of music, you are taken back to the romanticized era of the thirties, with so much going on in the major cities of America and Europe.
    Students really enjoy emulating these greats or trying to come up with slightly revised versions of their popular songs to give them a more ‘digital’ feel. This is a popular trend, and we are likely to see it become even stronger as we move forward.
  • Hip Hop is back

Not so new, one would argue, but the Hip Hop culture is back, making inroads into college campuses. Many students draw a lot of inspiration from the depth and breadth of this artistic movement, which seems to boost our understanding of the vastness of its artistic capabilities and diversity. Lots of students enjoy the tunes that originated in New York in the seventies of the 20th century. Sampling technology and drum machines are making their way back to the stage yet again. We see lots of players and performers use the technique of speaking or chanting along rhythmically, which is a key characteristic of classical Hip Hop.

  • Classical music

    Lots of students are now turning their gaze to timeless classical pieces. The likes of Bach, Schubert, Mozart, Wagner, and Shostakovich are being rediscovered in many corners of the world. College students increasingly appreciate the soothing effect their masterpieces have on their psyche. This is not surprising, given the well-researched and proven positive influence of music on mental health.
  • Generative music

    Contextual playlists are giving rise to generative music among students. Contextual playlists are changing the way students listen to and discover music. Generative music, created with the help of computer systems, is a great choice for students looking for mood-specific types of music. This is particularly important for students at the time of working on important academic subjects, tests, or papers.
    Generative music helps students deal with busy schedules and onerous workloads. It is an additional aid for those looking for a college research paper for sale. Those who use the services of professional writers are able to save a lot of time on their assignments. They are free to use the extra time to compose their own pieces using computer systems and algorithms.
  • Campus bands

    Many students have found a new pastime – starting their own campus bands. In some colleges,
    they are becoming very popular and starting to compete with college sports teams. Specific
    genres do not really matter much. As long the bands are able to create or play pieces that keep
    their student audiences engaged, they are good to go.
    It is also a great way of nurturing team spirit and camaraderie among the student community. At
    some point, some colleges might even consider organizing contests to let their bands compete.
    Many groups created by students may as well go on to become professional bands. This bodes
    for anyone planning to start a band of their own.
  • Music and games

    With the spread of streaming services, such as YouTube and TikTok, the music and gaming industries have become increasingly intertwined. Lots of video gamers are now signing the music themselves, which helps them deal with the issue of having their videos taken down from social media platforms.

Final Thoughts

Music has a known positive impact on human performance in general. That includes college students’ academic performance. When students are given opportunities to compose and play their own music, the benefits become even greater.

Some of the music cultures emerging in 2022 are not necessarily entirely new. We have reviewed a couple of examples of music cultures that are rooted in the musical traditions and movements of the previous century. Technological progress has not bypassed students’ musical performances and trends either. We see a lot of gamers become increasingly interested and engaged in performing or listening to popular musical pieces.

Diane Sherron is an experienced writer and student coach. As a researcher, she has been
studying the influence of various forms of art on students’ academic performance. Recently, she
has been involved in an in-depth study of different music trends emerging in colleges and
universities across the world.