Orville Peck Brings His “Bronco” Tour To The One And Only Home Of The Broncos

Written By | Dakota Pendleton

Orville Peck brings his “Bronco” tour to the one and only home of the Broncos. After previously playing Red Rocks Amphitheater, he brings his rodeo indoors to Mission Ballroom. The venue is packed with fans rocking colorful cowboy attire and the iconic mask with tassels. I expected my first country show to be filled with masculine cowboys, but the excessive glitter, sequins, and short shorts well exceeded my expectations. 

Teddy and the Rough Riders would take stage and introduce themselves as the opener while sharing that their hometown is Nashville, Tennessee. A member of their band was playing a pedal steel guitar with the manufacturing label appropriately reading “Sho-Bud Nashville Tennessee”. For being considered a newer band, with their debut LP releasing July 1st, they would all perform as if they were veterans. They would generously perform unreleased music from the LP, but not before having Mission Ballroom’s signature 900lb disco ball turned on. Orville Peck would later explain how Teddy and the Rough Riders are his favorite band, and after seeing them live it was easy to believe.

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Orville Peck arrived on stage in a blue outfit decorated with a barbed wire pattern and gems accompanied by his matching band. The blue aesthetic was perfectly lit by red stage lights and the words “Orville Peck” brightly displayed on screen. Peck performed a good majority of his most recent album “Bronco” with a mix of favorites from his 2019 debut album “Pony” and 2020’s EP “Show Pony”. The band member’s chemistry was quickly apparent. Throughout the night, Orville and Bria Salmena would perform several duets. She did justice to “Legends Never Die” by gracefully covering Shania Twain’s part. The two would hug after performing together, and Bria shared her story of waking up in Denver’s nostalgic DIY Venue, Rhinoceropolis, before it was shut down by code enforcements in 2016. Orville Peck would also recount his last time in Denver after a missed attempt to whistle in the song “Take You Back ”. He said he didn’t know what it was about Denver, but he always has trouble whistling here, and joked that it “was the altitude”. He would clench his fist in accomplishment after nailing a second attempt. 

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“Take You Back”, off of his debut album, would be the song to close the show. Rainbow stage lights shimmered on the crowd while a group in the front would proudly hold up a Pride flag. After the band left the stage, the crowd was still ecstatic leading to an all-out dosey doe. Not only is Orville Peck a great performer, but he is also actively using his platform to bring change and inclusivity to an unexpected genre. The Bronco tour is almost halfway through, and I couldn’t be more excited for fans to experience it for themselves before the tour wraps up in Oakland, CA in June.


Photos By | Dakota Pendleton