PmBata releases the all too relatable track “a letter from Anxiety”

PmBata releases “a letter from Anxiety.” Listen here. The track exemplifies PmBata’s talent at creating intimate, emotionally authentic records that are as deep as they are anthemic. 

“a letter from Anxiety” personifies PmBata’s battle with anxiety, giving it its own cruel personality and objective. Hard-hitting lyrics such as, “did you think you were free? ‘Cause I still got you in the palm of my hand” are relatable to those suffering from mental illness while putting a spin on the racing thoughts associated with it. 

“a letter from Anxiety” comes in the wake of “circus,” an infectious track that tells the diary-esque realization that, despite his best efforts, his relationship is toxic. With elegant musicality and charisma, PmBata recounts the story of being taken for fool. The track arrives alongside a tongue-in-cheek visual that displays the artist playfully being forced into clown attire, complete with a face full of cake, before he can plan his escape.  

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Additionally, PmBata and Mike Posner recently released the remix of “i hate her boyfriend’s track.” The track explores the darker side of love and self-awareness and takes listeners on a journey through PmBata and Mike Posner’s mind. “i hate her boyfriend’s face” reflects on PmBata’s heartbreaking realization that being dependent on someone else’s love was compensation for the fact that he didn’t love himself. Posner joins in with his own verse detailing the hardships of self-love/confidence. 

Boasting over 150 million catalogue streams and over 600k TikTok followers to date, PmBata is embarking on the next phase of his musical journey and gearing up for a forthcoming debut album.

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