Raphael Saadiq’s Jimmy Lee In Philadelphia at The Fillmore

Written By | LaMonica Cobbs


Although it was a rainy night in Philadelphia, that didn’t stop fans from coming out to the Fillmore Wednesday, February 12th to enjoy Raphael Saadiq’s Jimmy Lee tour. The tour title is from his recent studio album named in honor of his brother Jimmy Lee, who tragically passed away.

Before Saadiq stepped foot onto the stage, DJ Duggz warmed up the crowd, giving a cookout feel to a wet, winter night. The mixes of 90s and current day hits had the crowd singing along, doing the electric slide, and feeling good. Good thing the Fillmore is standing room only because everyone needed space to move their feet to the DJ Duggz beat. He definitely filled the atmosphere with good vibes only music- only. Everyone in the room was having a good time, while holding their drinks up high and two stepping- but it didn’t stop with there.

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We all may have heard artists that just don’t sound the same live as he or she does on their recorded projects. This is not true for Raphael Saadiq. His rich, smooth vocals have not changed over the span of his career. The experience was like listening to his album through high definition headphones. This tour journeyed through Saadiq’s musical career, crooning hits from the Tony Toni Tone! era through his solo projects, music he has written for other artist and even brand new music from Jimmy Lee.

I was shocked to see there no back up singers, but they weren’t need because fans took care of that. They knew word for word and didn’t miss a beat.  Raphael Saadiq is truly a loving legend with style like no other.

If you a chance to check out the Jimmy Lee tour definitely do see. It’s perfect for date night or just wanting to vibe to some good music.

Photo Credit | LaMonica Cobbs