Rosemarie Stuns on Rock Paper Scissors EP — Out Now!

Rising R&B songwriter and artist, Rosemarie has released a brand new body of work titled Rock Paper Scissors (Interscope Records/BirdVision Entertainment). On the EP, the Complex anointed “R&B Artist to Watch” seamlessly captivates with her arresting vocals and emotive lyricism including a first for her, English-Spanish, reggaeton inspired track “Aprovecha”. Speaking on the EP, Rosemarie shares: 

“Since my last release, I’ve learned so much… Been through so much… Felt so much… Grew through so much. Still am, like most do. All I hope is that whoever listens to ‘Rock Paper Scissors”’ hears that change, progress, passion and newness reflected… and hopefully finds something to connect with.” —Rosemarie

The 8-track project is a delicate homage to the timeline of not-so-promising relationships. Where the foundation of a relationship can appear solid as a rock, there’s moments Rosemarie explains how fragile-as-paper love moves onto scissors where you “cut your losses” and begin the final step of moving on. 

Having teased the project since the release of “Fake Love,” last year, Rosemarie set a tone for fans and critics on her ability to harness emotion with a simple guitar backing her powerful vocals. This is continued on track seven of the EP, “Breaking,” — a goosebump inducing rendition of a heart broken and a love lost. The EP gives listeners both sides of the elusive singer’s coin: unfolding passionate throes of a waning relationship on tracks like “Fool’s Gold” to slipping into the realm of reggaeton with the predominantly Spanish-speaking track, “Aprovecha.” Produced by Grammy nominated Paul “Echo” Irizarry (“Gasolina” by Daddy Yankee) and Candela in hazy Miami, Rosie describes the song as a dance between two potential star crossed lovers in a red hot groove on slick pavement under the moonlight. See the full tracklist below: 

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  1. Siren
  2. Best Two Out of Three
  3. Fool’s Gold
  4. Aprovecha
  5. What I Like
  6. Fake Love
  7. Breaking
  8. Home