Pop singer-songwriter Rowan Drake has shared his heartwrenching new single, “Hollow,” available now via Atlantic Records/Arthouse Records at all DSPs and streaming services HERE. Produced and mixed by Griff Clawson (Christian French, Matoma) and co-written by Drake, Clawson, and Jesse Fink (Noah Cyrus, AJ Mitchell), the desolate and deeply moving new track arrives alongside an official visualizer streaming now at YouTube HERE

‘Hollow’ is the expression of love that has gone stale,” says Rowan Drake.Through neglect, miscommunication, anger, pain, etc. It highlights the point of a relationship where you are ensnared by all you have given and received, but it has crossed the point of being ‘healthy.’ It now eats you away while simultaneously causing you to grow more attached to the person you care for. It is something I have experienced and in many ways am still experiencing. I hope it can help any who understand it.

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“Hollow” – which Drake teased in recent days on his increasingly popular TikTok – continues a striking series of emotionally charged new songs from the gifted singer-songwriter, including “2 People, “Abandonment Issues,” and “Hey Little Sister;” official visualizers can be viewed at Drake’s YouTube channel HERE. Produced by Jonny Shorr (GAYLE, Alex Warren, Catie Turner) and co-written by Drake, Shorr, and Davin Kingston (John Legend, Jonah Kagen), “Hey Little Sister” has fast proven a fan favorite, earning more than 250K total views on TikTok before its official release, and applause from the likes of Variance Magazine, which wrote, “Rowan Drake stands out with his emotional new song ‘Hey Little Sister.’ The rising newcomer has released the haunting offering which is reflective of some very traumatic experiences from his childhood, and something he is now opening up about in the song, which is written as if he’s speaking to his younger sister.” 

Produced by Aaron Osbourne and co-written with Ben Levy (a.k.a. Author), “Abandonment Issues” marked a creative turning point for Drake, matching the 19-year-old artist’s graceful guitar strumming and airy-yet-potent vocal performance with sudden bursts of hard-hitting beats to create a spellbinding piece of musical storytelling. The track was met by approval from such outlets as Billboard who named it to their “10 Cool New Pop Songs,” writing, “Drake’s feathery vocal approach, paired here with meaty guitar strums and canned strings, yield a surprisingly affecting declaration that doesn’t lose any luster on replay listens.”  

For Rowan Drake, songwriting has always provided a space for transforming his feelings into unexpected beauty. Growing up in the small college town of Ithaca, New York, the singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist first discovered the power of that outlet when, at age 15, a devastating accident ended his dream of becoming a competitive snowboarder. After devoting nearly all his life to his snowboarding career, Drake began exploring his innate musicality by dreaming up his own hypnotic form of pop – moody, immersive, and fearlessly confessional, merging the intense introspection of classic singer/songwriters with a more forward-thinking sonic aesthetic. The talented young troubadour soon began performing locally around his hometown, self-releasing his first song while still in high school. Upon graduation, Drake packed up his car and moved to Los Angeles where he quickly connected with an array of rising young talents and potential collaborators. Currently hard at work creating more new music to follow throughout the year, Rowan Drake remains determinedly focused on preserving the immediate impact of unfiltered expression through deep connection with his fast-growing fan following.  

IMPRINTent, Rowan Drake, Atlantic Records, Arthouse Records, Griff Clawson, Jesse Fink, Tiana Timmerberg, New Music Releases, Entertainment News, Music, Singer, Songwriter

It’s been amazing to see that once I create something and put it out there, it belongs to everyone else just as much as it belongs to me,” Drake says. “With every song I make, I’m just trying to get something off my chest, and then people can take that song and fit into their lives however they need to – hopefully it will help them to let go and cry if they need to cry, or smile if they just need to smile.