Ryan Mitchell: Rock & Roll is Alive & Well

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Question: How do you come up with your lyrics?

Ryan Mitchell: Essentially, I take a hard look at my life. I try to be honest with the listener, and theyappreciate that. My goal is to reduce the distance between me and my audience. Lyrics prove to be an integral part of that.

Question: Do you think musicians should delete old parts of their catalog as they develop?

Ryan Mitchell: I do not want to speak on behalf of others. At least, I appreciate the journey that Ihave been on that has taken me here. During the pandemic, I recorded many demos, which still reside on my Spotify page. I recorded them on a laptop in a sober living facility during the pandemic, and they mean a lot to me, reminding me of that time in my life. I like to see (and quite literally hear) my progression, which helps keep me humble.

Question: So, are you saying you like including everything? Does that have the good and bad moments of life?

Ryan Mitchell: I mean, I love getting the party started as much as the next guy. Plenty of my songs do that. My output would be pretty limited if I kept it to one atmosphere. The idea is to become a cartographer for these emotions, the highs, andthe lows. I could not imagine writing songs anyother way.