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Sebayt is the ancient Egyptian term for a genre of pharaonic literature. Sebayt literally means “teachings” or “instructions “and refers to formally written ethical teachings focused on the “way of living truly”. Sebayt is considered an Egyptian form of wisdom literature.

When people think of the current generation, they sometimes have a negative view. They may see young people as being lazy, entitled, and disconnected from the world around them. However, there are always the exceptions to the rule. Hailing from Atlanta, GA, American Rapper Sebayt, is one such proverbial exception. His story is one of hardship and struggle, but also of resilience and hope. He was even kidnapped at one point. Despite all of this, he managed to graduate from high school and now, recently discharged from the Marine Corps, he is able to focus on creating music. He wants to use his story to inspire other young people and show them that anything is possible if you refuse to give up. In a world that is often filled with negativity, Sebayt is a shining example of the strength and potential of the current generation.

Sebayt is quickly making a name for himself with his positive sound and uplifting lyrics. Born and raised in West Tennessee, Sebayt was exposed to a wide range of music growing up. He draws on this diverse influences to create his own distinctive style of rap, one that is heavy on melody and harmony. Sebayt is also committed to creating songs with positive messages that can inspire and empower listeners. This focus on uplifting content sets him apart from many other rappers who often promote violence and drug use. Sebayt’s ultimate goal is to create generational wealth and leave a lasting legacy. With his hard-hitting beats and inspirational lyrics, he is well on his way to achieving this goal. Thanks for listening!

“From Me To You” is one of my songs that discusses the challenges of trying to achieve success. The song is about never giving up on your dreams and continuing to grind even when the journey is tough. These are just a few examples of the topics that I explore in my music. I believe that hip hop can be used as a powerful tool to discuss important issues and inspire change.”