“The visible effect made on a surface by pressure”

Scarypoolparty in Atlanta at The Coca-Cola Roxy

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Written By | Bevin Palmer

It’s alternative rock bands like scarypoolparty that makes someone (specifically me) excited for good vibes in the summertime. When I first arrived at the Coca-Cola Roxy and got registered to have an all access backstage pass and take photos, my first thoughts were “I’m ready to rave in nostalgia”. Tame Impala and Hiatus Kaiyote gave birth to a acoustic guitar playin’ baby Alejandro Aranda with dreamy instrumentals and a melodic voice.

It sucked that I couldn’t stay the whole time, but from the videos and photos I got, I could feel not only the lethargic energy, but good weather, love, and positivity all from what was captured. The audience wasn’t biased or monotonous either, ranging from different age groups that loved and enjoyed the masterful art work that is Scarypoolparty. Nothing too scary about this guy, but definitely a jam for a mid july pool party!

Scarypoolparty has an really amazing way of making a concert feel like home. Alejandro has this special way of playing a guitar like it’s a different instrument. The crowd just loves him at the end of every performance the crowd was just wanting everything that he was preforming.