Sean John Names Derez De’Shon a Face of Spring ’19 Campaign

As Sean John celebrates their 20th Anniversary, they unveiled the announcement of their Spring 2019 “Dream Big” campaign. Seamlessly embodying the “Dream Big” motto, Derez De’Shon is the face of the campaign along with BlocBoy JB, known for his song “Look Alive” featuring Drake. The campaign will also feature pieces from the BASQUIAT X SEAN JOHN collection and Revolution series.

A tireless worker and a pillar of his community, Derez De’Shon is the ideal representative for “Dream Big.” For years, Derez pursued his hip-hop aspirations while raising his family, working odd jobs and relying on friends to make ends meet. Faced with the choice of chasing his dreams or succumbing to the streets, Derez doubled down, throwing himself into his music and channeling his struggle into his art. In 2018, Derez broke through with the single “Hardaway,” a bombastic and infectious trap ballad, which grew from a local hit on ATL’s Power 105 to a Platinum-selling national smash.

“It’s an honor to reintroduce an iconic brand like Sean John to a new generation in 2019,” says Derez De’Shon. “Diddy did it big now me and Blocboy JB will do it big and continue the tradition. I believe I’m coming from a place that is common within all of us, whether rich, poor, homeless, or you got a big ass house. I was speaking from a place nobody speaks from…trying to keep faith in God, but you’re living in hell. That’s where I came from.”

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