Spafford in Atlanta at Variety Playhouse

Written By | Xerxes Tzolis

Spafford have been jamming together since 2009 when founding members Brian Moss (guitar/vocals) and Jordan Fairless (bass/vocals) first formed the band in Prescott, Arizona. Spafford added Andrew “Red” Johnson on (keyboards/vocals) and Cameron Laforest (percussion/drums/vocals) into the fold to round out the current lineup. Spafford’s brilliant mix of reggae, rock, ska, electro-pop, funk, and jam rock has entertained fans all across North America. This time around in Atlanta, Spafford graduated to playing the Variety Playhouse (one of my personal favorite venues to shoot in!) in Little Five Points in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. Plus, you know what they always say, “Never miss a Sunday show.”

Photo By | Xerxes Tzolis

Opening support for Spafford on this tour date was Atlanta’s very own Bird Dog Jubilee who was added to the bill during the week of the show. It is always a great time when Bird Dog Jubilee comes to play and this night was no different. I managed to see them at last year’s Sweetwater 420 Festival and told myself to never miss them when I am in town. I really love it when good local bands can get the respect that they deserve and get on amazing festival lineups or just opening for national touring bands.

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Spafford came out to a super pumped crowd (thanks to Bird Dog Jubilee!) and ready to jam for a few hours! Good thing the crowd came prepared because they started the night off with an incredible version of Exodus (Bob Marley cover). One thing to keep in mind about Spafford is every city has a different set list which in turn translates into a different experience each time you see them live. I cannot stress enough how amazing Spafford was on this night as they went played songs like In the Eyes of ThievesWeasel, and All In to name a few. These jams were definitely some solid tracks that the band dug really deep into while playing for the entranced crowd at the Variety Playhouse. For your convenience, I have listed the set list below for your viewing so no need to search for it online.

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Set list February 16, 2019 Variety Playhouse (Atlanta)

Set 1

  1. Exodus (Bob Marley cover)
  1. People
  1. When it Falls
  1. In the Eyes of Thieves
  1. Legend

Set 2

  1. Minds Unchained
  1. Galisteo Way
  1. My Sisters and Brothers (Charles Johnson cover)
  1. Weasel
  1. Palisades
  1. Weasel
  1. Comfortable
  1. All In


  1. Beautiful Day

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