Stonefield in Melbourne, AUS at The Howler

 Written By | Monique Pizzica

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Victoria quartet Stonefield graced the Howler band room in Brunswick on the 1st of April with so many of their crowd favourites.  

We were met with supports Leah Senior and Bitch Diesel who more than warmed up the stage before the crowd started to countdown to Stonefields arrival at 10.30pm on the dot.  

Strobe lights were the theme for the set as Amy belted out Sleep, an insane start to the show got the crowd pumping along with each drum beat. The energy of the room continued to keep up with Stonefield as they played tune after tune.   

The front row set the tone for the entire room.  Feeding off Stondefields energy first hand, it was like a wave reaction heading to the back of the room with everyone dancing to each song.   

Throughout the set we were met with an instrumental breakdown that put the entire room in a trance.  No one could take their eyes off the band until they finished and were granted a cheer.   

If you ever questioned punk rock as a genre, these girls definitely know how to make it alive.  With catchy drum beats, hard guitar riffs and killer voices, these girls not only know how to put on a show, they are wicked performers, entertainers and know how to get the crowd excited about live music. 

Photo Credit: Monique Pizzica

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