SWMRS in Philadelphia at Theater of the Living Arts

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The Theater of the Living Arts (TLA) in Philadelphia, PA welcomed the notorious SWMRS to its stage on Tuesday night, April 9th, 2019. The crowd’s high energy could be felt from all the way outside, as last-minute attendees, and even some band members, rushed in to find their place. The TLA’s dark vibes and intimate setting allowed for every fan to feel like they were front row.


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Crowd surfing and moshing were staples of every performance, but opening act, Destroy Boys had a new request for the crowd. Asking for the room to make space for an all-girls mosh pit, Destroy Boys lead singer Alexia Roditis won over the crowd with her incredible vocals and charismatic stage presence. The rest of the band perfectly synced with each other, laughing at mistakes and making the most of their time on stage.


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Beach Goons, the second act to play that night, brought a new energy to the stage. Combining classic surfer-rock vibes with a bit of a punk edge, the easy going, yet high energy vibes of the band were amazing. With a short cover of La Bamba, the band was able to pay homage to their roots. To say this band is talented would be a huge understatement. With smiles on their faces for the whole set, they left the crowd only wanting more.


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SWMRS (pronounced Swimmers), the headliners of this tour, put on one of the best shows many had seen in a while. Not only was every member of the band full of energy, they also all brought their own unique personalities, and cohesively played their hearts out. Full of life, lead singer Cole Becker yelled, “Before we get this punk rock express moving again, let’s give it up for all of the staff here tonight, our world class road crew, and the song birds of the Bay Area- give it up for Destroy Boys! All the way from San Diego- give it up for Beach Goons! But mostly… Give it up right now for your mom! Fuck yeah Mom!” Taking time to thank everyone for a great show, Becker also made it a point to remind everyone to look out for each other and be aware that sexual assault can be a problem at many concerts. It was obvious that the band genuinely cares about each one of their fans, and the music they produce.

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