The Backseat Lovers Play New Album “Waiting to Spill” at Chicago’s Riviera Theatre

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Written and Captured By | Eduardo Perez

The Backseat Lovers came to Chicago’s Riviera Theatre on the second stop of their mini tour to promote their newly released album titled “Waiting to Spill”. Their new album has a cozy fall and winter kind of vibe, so this was the perfect time for them to release this project and play it for their fans. With folk band Bendigo Fletcher as an opener, everyone in the audience was in for a great night.

Bendigo Fletcher took the stage at around 7:30 pm. Frontman Ryan Anderson took the stage alone and played a couple of songs solo with his acoustic guitar. Halfway through the third song, the rest of his band joined him on stage as the song itself picked up.

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Everyone in the crowd cheered as the other instruments joined in. Watching Ryan play the Harmonica around his neck while playing guitar was nothing short of impressive. The band brought so much energy and their happiness was infectious. Although their set could have been a little longer in my opinion, they ended around 8 pm and everyone was then left waiting for The Backseat Lovers.

The Backseat Lovers came on stage not too long after and had a dark and mysterious entrance. They opened with the intro of their new album titled “Silhouette”. After the second song, they introduced themselves to the audience and thanked everyone for coming out. They then said that they would be playing their entire new album front to back. The packed crowd started to cheer.

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Throughout the night, everyone was dancing and singing along even the people in the completely full balcony area. Once the last song on the album was over, they played their big hits such as “Pool House”, “Kilby Girl”, “Maple Syrup”, and “Still a friend”. Being a fan of the band myself and singing along to these songs with the rest of the crowd was such a grand experience. The band even came back out for an encore and ended off the night with their song “Sinking Ship”. This was my second time seeing the band live and it was even better this time around. I am looking forward to them returning to Chicago soon in the near future. Be sure to check out their new album “Waiting to Spill” out now on all streaming platforms!

Eduardo Perez