The Difford and Tilbrook Squeeze Songbook 2019 Tour

Written By | Xerxes Tzolis

The renowned new wave / Brit pop band Squeeze just ended The Difford and Tilbrook Songbook 2019 tour in Atlanta at one of the most breath-taking venues in our lovely city, The Tabernacle. Imprint Entertainment was there. Were you?

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For opening support, the legendary punk band X took on the duties as tour mates for Squeeze during this incredible tour. X, for those of you who do not know, is an American punk rock band that formed in the up and coming Los Angeles punk rock scene back in 1977. X has released seven (7) LPs since their start, but have not released any new material since their 1993 release, Hey Zeus! The band did take a break during 1997-2004 but has been making an effort to play as much as possible to the delight of fans around the world. X is comprised of all original members: Exene Cervenka (vocals), John Doe (bass/vocals), Billy Zoom (guitar), and D.J. Bonebrake (drums). It’s really remarkable that a band (yet alone a punk band) can perform with all the original members some 40+ years later and still kick ass on stage! Watching the crowd’s reaction was priceless as they happily sang along to a good chunk of their set list.

X’s set list – Tabernacle (Atlanta) 09/22/2019 

  1. The Hungry Wolf
  1. The Once Over Twice
  1. Adult Books
  1. Your Phone’s Off The Hook, But You’re Not
  1. Nausea
  1. Come Back to Me
  1. I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts
  1. Breathless (Jerry Lee Cover)
  1. Sex and Dying in High Society
  1. White Girl
  1. Los Angeles
  1. In This House That I Call Home
  1. Beyond and Back
  1. Dancing With Tears in My Eyes
  1. Johnny Hit and Run Pauline
  1. Motel Room In My Bed
  1. Blue Spark
  1. Real Child of Hell
  1. Soul Kitchen (The Doors Cover)

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Squeeze started in 1974 and became well-known during the British new wave period in the late 1970’s. According to the band’s bio on their website, the song writing skills of founding members Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook was best described as “The New Lennon and McCartney”. They first made it on the British pop charts with their hit, “Take Me I’m Yours” during April 1978. Their success carried them way into the 1980’s and 1990’s despite having a minor setback in 1982 when the band briefly broke up until reforming in 1985. The band has went through some lineup changes over the years but two key members have always remained; Tilbrook and Difford.

Currently, the bio for Squeeze states that the lineup is Glenn Tilbrook (vocals/guitar), Chris Difford (vocals/guitar), Yolanda Charles (bass), Stephen Large (keyboards), Steve Smith (percussion), and Simon Hanson (drums). Yolanda was not playing bass during this show and no other word is available as to who exactly their current bass player is for this tour.

Regardless, Squeeze did not skip a beat! The crowd enjoyed a trip down memory lane listening to hit after hit. And they were even treated to a massive sing along with the band during their seminal hit, “Tempted”. If you missed this tour, do not fret! Squeeze and X will be on tour again (maybe not together) because not only do they still have it, but they had a blast doing so on stage. Curious about Squeeze? Then follow this link to check out Squeeze’s Official Soundcloud page today!

Squeeze set list – Tabernacle (Atlanta) 09/22/2019 

  1. Footprints
  1. Big Beng
  1. Hourglass
  1. Pulling Mussels (From the Shell)
  1. Up the Junction
  1. King George Street
  1. Annie Get Your Gun
  1. Slaughtered, Gutted, and Heartbroken
  1. The Day I Get Home
  1. Someone Else’s Heart
  1. Is That Love
  1. Third Rail
  1. Cool for Cats
  1. Love’s Crashing Waves
  1. Tempted
  1. Another Nail in My Heart
  1. Goodbye Girl
  1. If I Didn’t Love You


  1. Take Me I’m Yours
  1. Black Coffee in Bed


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Photo Credit: Xerxes Tzolis

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