The history of Hublot: where it started and its imprint on the world today

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Hublot watches are renowned worldwide for their impeccable design, expert craftsmanship, and sophisticated good looks. With an impressive reputation among wearers and watchmaking experts, have you ever wondered who is behind the brand and how it rose in popularity? Here, we explore how Hublot was born, a key milestone in its journey, and the industries it’s impacted today.

Carl Crocco: the man behind Hublot

Say hello to Carlo Crocco, an entrepreneur that created the Hublot brand in 1980. Crocco was keen to create luxury timepieces in styles that hadn’t been seen before, leading him to leave his family business and create Hublot in the beautiful town of Nyon in Switzerland.

His entrepreneurial flare led him to think outside the box and merge stunning Italian design with Swiss expertise. This combination allowed the brand to craft unusual timepieces that broke the mold in the watchmaking world.

The Big Bang: the watch that boosted their popularity

A true icon, the Big Bang is a revolutionary timepiece in the collection of watches by Hublot that is famous for its design and use of materials. It was born in 2005 featuring a round bezel with rubber straps and visible screws that mirrored some of Hublot’s earlier designs.

What made the watch stand out from the crowd was its innovative use of materials, such as titanium and carbon. It won many awards for its impressive design which led to a huge boost in the watchmaker’s popularity. The Big Bang collection remains highly sought after today among enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Their partnerships: the famous faces that back the watchmaker

With such a huge name in the watchmaking world today, it’s no wonder that so many famous faces choose to partner with Hublot. The watchmaker has collaborated with individuals and brands from many walks of life – showcasing Hublot’s “Art of Fusion” mantra that is seen in everything they do.

In the music world, the brand has collaborated with Depeche Mode, DJ Snake, and Lay Zhang. They have also partnered with several artists including New York artist Daniel Arsham, contemporary artist Takashi Murakami, and Richard Orlinkski who specialises in Pop Art.

Recently, Hublot has teamed up with Nespresso to create a revolutionary limited-edition timepiece made from recycled coffee capsules and grounds. With a focus on sustainability, this partnership showcases that recycled products can be reused to create beautiful, luxury pieces that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Hublot and performance: the connection between timekeeping and sport

Hublot has also made a huge imprint on the sporting world. As the official timekeeper of the European Football Championship and the FIFA World Cup, they have a strong connection to football, with the likes of Kylian Mbappé acting as an ambassador for the brand.

The watchmaker has also teamed up with tennis legend Novak Djokovic, four-time Olympic gold medallist cross-country skier Dario Cologna, and the fastest man of all time – Usain Bolt.

These partnerships mirror the brand’s pursuit of exceptional performance and have led them to create some of the most iconic watches in the world today.