The Positive Impact of Netflix on Film & Television

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As technology has evolved over the years and people have shaped their lives around it, more and more industries have adopted digitalization to transform the way they operate as a business.

Today, most things that require interaction are done online, as the pandemic accelerated the process of digitalization. For this reason, digital-first industries aim to interact with their customers in every way possible. For instance, the iGaming industry has shifted to the digital realm, where many games are accessible via both smartphone and laptop. Casino providers allow their consumers to play online blackjack and other traditional card games, prioritizing an omni channel approach to user experience and offering cross-platform integration.

Similarly, the entertainment industry is also one major sector that has been impacted by the advancement of technology. Ever since online streaming services came to light, how content is consumed has changed. Now, people would stay in the comforts of their homes and watch a movie instead of going to a movie theater.

Bingeing on movies and TV shows on Netflix has become the new norm as more and more people enjoy the freedom of watching content in their time and place. Netflix’s impact on film & television and its negative effects have been talked about for years.

While people might have found the ease and joy of streaming movies and TV shows online, the film industry has taken a hit such as a drop in movie ticket sales. However, the entertainment industry has also benefitted from the online digital platform. So, what are some positive aspects of Netflix on film and TV?

Independent Filmmakers Have More Opportunities

In the past, with big-budget Hollywood movies dominating the box office, independent filmmakers had a tough time trying to release their works. Movie theaters mostly prefer huge blockbusters as they could make huge profits from that.

The market was too competitive for independent movies to survive so, independent filmmakers didn’t stand a chance. However, Netflix turned it all around for them and gave them recognition for their efforts. The streaming service gave them a platform to release their movies and gain a huge range of audience without undergoing intense competition.

Netflix is also not as constrained or restrictive as movie theaters regarding the content, which makes it the perfect choice for independent filmmakers.

More Accessibility

Due to Netflix being global, movies and TV shows reach a wider and more diverse audience. This has disrupted the traditional methods of releasing content, which was often limited by location, time, and availability.

This has also made it easier for filmmakers to distribute their work to a bigger audience. Now, instead of relying on traditional models such as movie theaters and cable TV, filmmakers can upload their work to Netflix, where they can gain a global audience.

Netflix has adopted several ways to make content more accessible to people such as closed captioning and audio availability in different languages. It creates an advantage for filmmakers as their content can reach people who don’t even speak the language.

More Diverse Content

As Netflix has hugely invested in its original content, most of them portray diverse stories and voices. From documentaries to foreign-language films and series, Netflix has given underrepresented voices a platform to tell their stories.

As a result, many filmmakers have gone on the path of creating content featuring more underrepresented voices and stories while giving a chance to people of different cultural backgrounds.

The critically acclaimed series, “Orange is the New Black” is a great example of how Netflix has given a platform to diverse voices. The show explores the lives of women in prison while featuring a cast of diverse women, including women of color, transgender women, and women of different sizes and ages.

The show has also been praised for its portrayal of diverse women and has helped to increase representation in the entertainment industry.

Freedom & Flexibility of Creativeness

As opposed to the restrictions of TV networks or movie theaters, Netflix is quite flexible when it comes to content and gives filmmakers more control over their work. This has given filmmakers immense room and space to be more creative when creating content. It also allows the creators to experiment with storytelling and try new things.

Because of this freedom, filmmakers are now open to taking creative risks and creating unconventional stories. This gives them the chance to explore their creativity and personal ideas which results in innovative and high-quality content

Additionally, this flexibility has also produced some of the most unique and fresh content which can be enjoyed by the audience.


At this point, Netflix has become a household name and it continues to grow as more and more people join the platform to enjoy watching content on their own time. While Netflix has had some negative effects, it’s undeniable that the positive effects carry just as much weight.

Netflix has created a gigantic impact on the film & TV industry over the past couple of years and it is here to stay. Netflix has forever changed how people consume and appreciate the content and it would be a journey to see how it evolves and adapts to the ever-changing world.