The Sacramento 17-Year-Old Shares the Streetwise First Single From the Upcoming Sosa Stories Mixtape

Already a font of street wisdom at the age of 17, Sacramento’s BOE Sosa raps about his life with detail and wit. Passing down a bit of wisdom he gleaned from the OGs, Sosa puts hangers-on in their place in Your Turn,” his latest single, premiered by HYPEBEAST. Reflecting on his childhood poverty and his relentless hustling to make life better for himself, Sosa shares his lack of sympathy for clout chasers, saving his respect for those on their grinds: “I came from nuthin, nobody gave me shit, n****/Now I’m running up my bag and my chips, n****.” In the video, Sosa and his crew post up in a trap house, as animated visual effects bring his lyrics to life. “Your Turn” is the first peek at Sosa StoriesBOE Sosa’s upcoming mixtape.

“Every day, you hear about a new buzzing rapper–another guy who is about to blow,” BOE Sosa tells HYPEBEAST. “Where I’m from in Oak Park, you only get one shot and you gotta run with it. In this song, I tell all those other rappers that it’s my turn to blow, and they’re gonna have to wait. I shot the video in L.A.–I was out there recording and I thought this song was really strong. So I threw on my Black Pyramid puffer jacket and my coke white Air Force Ones and me and my brother BOE Mumu rented a spot in Hollywood and shot the video.”

A native of the notorious Oak Park neighborhood in Sacramento, Sosa started his rise in 2017 with the understated and charismatic single Off The Porch.” “Off The Porch” attracted the attention of Oak Park’s breakout star Mozzy, who took Sosa under his wing. Earlier that year, Sosa experienced the loss of his close friend Mir–a loss that motivated Sosa to take music seriously. His debut mixtape, Mirland, came out in Summer 2018, and has earned over 6 million total streams to date on Spotify, buoyed by massive streaming hit First Day Out,” which has over 14 million views on YouTube and 2 million streams on Spotify. The EMPIRE signee followed up Mirland in December with 16, a nine-track mixtape, in which BOE Sosa experimented with melody and introduced the other members of his BOE crew. Stay tuned for Sosa Stories, coming soon.

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