These Are The Most Expensive Series We Watched In 2022

We like big budgets series and we cannot lie, it’s the itty bitty series that we can’t deny. The bigger the show, the bigger its budget, and it does not disappoint. While we have been used to multimillion-dollar Hollywood productions, streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime are closely following in those footsteps.

This year, we’ve seen a number of big budget TV series hit our screen with records being broken left, right and center. Right off the bat series like House of The Dragons on HBO Max come to mind, only to be surpassed by Amazon Prime’s Rings Of Power. Netflix has upped its ante too with a number of entries in 2022’s most popular shows. There has been a strategic movement towards more original content from Netflix, but they’ve undoubtedly benefited from fan favourite shows returning for new series’.

The fourth season of Stranger Things (which dominated the streaming charts for a record 8 weeks) boasts a budget of $30 million per episode and $270 million in series costs. That’s more than the budget of Hollywood blockbusters like Top Gun: Maverick!

Does more money mean more quality? Only seemingly so! Amazon Prime has produced Rings Of Power for a budget of $60 million per episode. Yet, it still lags behind many Netflix shows like Bridgerton, Ozark, and Cobra Kai. 

A Shift In Viewership Pattern From 2021 Over To 2022

Over the last few quarters, Netflix saw a drop in its viewership and subscribers. Which made the streaming giants hit the panic button. The same is the case with many other streaming platforms. Shows that were US streaming hits in 2021 saw a lackluster performance, but 2022 did not disappoint. 

Viewers were blown away by the variety on offer from every streaming platform. Talking about expensive productions, Disney didn’t stay far behind Netflix and others either. We have shows like MoonKnight, Wanda Vision, and She-Hulk. All of these reportedly cost approximately $25 million per episode to make. 

Did they deliver? Considering the massive success of all the shows, it’s safe to say they did! With the second season of most Disney shows already in the world, things are looking on the up. 

Audiences are also watching shows across genres and the results speak for themselves. Shows like the true crime series Dahmeralso made it to the top of the list of most streamed shows in 2022. Since there have been no speculations about the budget, the show has certainly delivered purely based on its story. 

Comparing these most expensive shows of 2022 with the shows people watched in 2021, we can see why 2021 was underwhelming. Whether it was the pandemic blues that were subsiding or a lack of quality entertainment, we can’t really put a finger on it. But the list of the top most watched series shows a stark difference.

The audience in fact preferred watching reruns of shows that had no new episodes. The best examples are shows like Criminal Minds, Grey’s Anatomy, and NCIS. All of these have been made on respectable budgets and have had no recent releases.

So, it’s fair to say the big budget surely did deliver, but money isn’t the only criterion that hooks the audience. Audiences would much rather prefer to see intrinsic storylines rather than bland CGI characters.