Toby Mac in Salt Lake City at Vivint SmartHome Arena

Written By | Kennedy Johnson

Utah has been known as the state that is populated by mostly christians, Utah is known for the HQ for The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter day saints and where the mormon pioneers settled in the state in the year of 1847. From a morning of worship at church to a night of worship in the arena that’s home for the Utah Jazz.


With the use of thousands of incredible stage lights and a stage that comes out to the audience the 20,000-seat Vivint SmartHome Arena is transformed into an exquisite state-of-the-art performance hall with a capacity of 3000 – 7000 guests.


The night begun with an opening of a donation of 2,000 dollars to a local Utah charity called the Salvation Army and it really set the mood of the night. Following this was the first musical duo who would really set the tone for the night,  with a very short set they really made for the perfect duo as the husband who plays the piano and lead vocals and his beautiful wife plays that plays the guitar they go by Cochren & Co the perfect start for a night of worship.


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Following Cochren & CO, on the main stage all the way from Ireland was where the energy kicked up with We Are Messenger. The second they walked on the stage everyone immediately jumped up out of their seats because you couldn’t help yourself from really moving those shoulders and hips to the incredible beat of the drums.

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An incredible light show and amazing background changes We Are Messengers played some of their new released music and the crowd really seemed to respond positively.

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Next came christian Rap artist Aaron Cole, and his D.J who turned up the energy level. They really tried to hype up the crowd and get people up and off there seats with there cell phones for lights swaying back and fourth the younger crowd seemed to really enjoy the Rap music while the older crowd enjoyed the worship aspect of the performance.

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Energy levels seem to really pick up from both the younger and older generation and everyone immediately stood up as soon as the christian artist Jordan Feliz came on. He had incredible California vibes with his long curly hair and urban fedora he really did an incredible job at connecting with the audience.

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After the artist exited the stage the mood calmed down and the crowd sat down and listen to the vocals of the dad of two Ryan Stevenson where he shared the news that his wife was expecting a new baby girl and than went on to lighten up the mood by singing songs that his young children wrote and the crowd really got a kick out of that one.

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The last act before the main artist was Tauren Wells. He had his D.J stand set up and ready to bust a move. He had everyone shaking their  hips and jumping up and down at one point. He incorporated not only his love for Jesus but his love for hip hop dance as he moon walked across the stage and pop and locked he really got people excited to jump around and bust out some moves he got people really excited to dance and as the strobe lights went off the crowd started to scream and were excited. I felt like I was back in the 1990’s when they had the boy bands only it was more praises for Jesus and less about girls.

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Lastly, after a fifteen minute intermission and this being based around our savior they handed out charities to be able to sponsor a child and several people signed up and were ready for Toby Mac to hit the stage. Right before the show began Toby Mac came on and thanked everyone for the love and support they’ve given after the passing of his twenty- one year old son who passed away October 2019 of an accidental over dose and dedicated his show to his son. Lights went off and then people started to scream with an incredible beginning song with snow like substance the crowd sang praises with Toby and his incredible back up vocalist.


Overall, it was an incredible Sunday service and night of worship. After Toby Mac 1.5 set the highlight of the night was most defiantly when he talked about his son and how god has carried him every step of the way. He sang the most beautiful tribute to his late son and left me and almost every person there in tears. It was an incredible night to be spiritually uplifted and to connect with Jesus the king.

Photos By | Kennedy Johnson