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Trevor Hall releases powerful new song ‘Fire on Your House’


Trevor Hall has released “Fire On Your House,” his newest single which premiered exclusively via ThisSongIsSick earlier this week. The new track sees Hall, a well-natured, do no harm kind of guy releasing his most aggressive song to date. Yet, he is still able to remain balanced and true to himself through his eloquent songwriting.

“Fire On Your House” follows the release of “My Own,” which was exclusively premiered by American Songwriter, and “Put Down What You Are Carrying (with Brett Dennen).”

The story behind “Fire On Your House” as told by Trevor Hall:
I once heard a story about a venomous snake. It lived in a field and all the villagers never dared to play there due to the presence of the snake. One day a monk was crossing the field and met the snake on his way. He gave the snake a magical mantra and told him not to harm anyone. After some time, the snake’s nature began to change. Due to the effect of repeating his mantra, he became calm and peaceful and stopped harming the local villagers. After some time, some kids began to play in the field and mess with the snake by throwing stones at it and hitting it with sticks. Because the monk told the snake not to harm anyone, he didn’t defend himself in any way and became badly beaten. After a year or so, the monk returned to the village and went out to the field to see the snake. The people of the village told the monk that the snake was dead. However, the monk didn’t believe them knowing that he gave the snake a magical mantra that wouldn’t allow him to be killed. Upon entering the field, the snake came out of his hole to greet the monk. He was all skin and bones. the monk asked the snake, “what has happened to you?!” the snake replied that he had been badly beaten by the villagers since the monk has been gone. When asked why he didn’t defend himself, the snake said, “you told me not to bite anyone.” the monk replied, “I told you not to bite! But I didn’t tell you not to hiss!”

This is my hissing song.


Hall will release a new, full-length studio album later this year. The forthcoming record, produced by Brad Cook (Bon Iver, the War on Drugs, Hiss Golden Messenger) sees Hall taking extravagant chances with his music while staying true to his core values.
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