Tropic – Breathe Again (ShiShi Remix) Review

Written By | Joshua Habtwold

With other keynotes that definitely make an ideal beach banger for this song, the trumpet and synth sounds repeat the same vibrant production styles like other songs that make that ‘ideal beach banger’, such as OMI’s “Cheerleader” and Stromae’s “Alors on Danse.” During the mid-point of the song, the strings tend to bring a quicker pace to match the song’s declining point, from more serious overtones to more fun, island-style production. In my opinion, “Breathe Again” brings a variety of beach-like vibes when it comes to production, and it seems like there is a backing brass ensemble playing close with Soulection-type styles, which make the song more enjoyable to listen to and get a relaxing feeling.

In the end, the groovy breakdowns and chill electronic bridge dictate the song in a way a person wants to escape a certain vice or blockage, in which it gives a strong beginning middle-end type of sequence. Overall, the song is quite remarkable with interesting production and it is recommended for a variety of moods for the overage listener. As for future work, Tropic will be releasing over 4 different projects in the forms of songs and

music videos in the time span of 3 months.


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