WISIN‘s musical experience, Lyanno‘s playfulness and Emilia‘s feminine embodiment sets a precedent in urban Latin music, in an unexpected collaboration that premieres across all digital platforms through their new single “TU RECUERDO.”

The single, which was produced in house at La Base Music Group, along with multi-award winning Latin superstar WISIN, promises to delight fans of the urban genre by uniting three of its biggest stars from different generations and cultures on a single track. The song embraces an urban-pop sound that allows a space for the three artists to individually showcase their signature style and together harmoniously tell the story of a heartbreak.

“I believe that this collaboration represents what we have been doing at La Base for a long time and that is to continue betting on the new generations and creating good music. “Tu Recuerdo” is a clear example that the genre needs to continue growing and expanding, giving space to everyone to offer the best to our audience,” explains Wisin.

Parallel to the premiere of the song, the official video for “Tu Recuerdo”, which was filmed in Miami and directed by Josefina Piere, is also available. The visual captures the story of a couple who, although broken up, have not succeeded in forgetting one another and, instead, cannot erase the memories of what they shared, a message that WisinEmilia, and Lyanno manage to convey seamlessly.

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“I am happy and grateful as for me it is a real honor to collaborate with two stars such as Wisin and Lyanno. “Tu Recuerdo” is a special song that we worked on with lots of love and represents a great opportunity for women in the genre. In addition, it supports the best music and projects that we can do together,” shares Emilia.

On the other hand, Lyanno expresses, “This is one of my favorite songs, we created it with a lot of love so that people can enjoy it and identify with it. It was a pleasure for me to unite with two great talents of the genre like Emilia and Wisin and that together we could make this song that I am sure people will support because it is a different style, but it also represents the three of us.”

“Tu Recuerdo” marks another hit collaboration coming out of Wisin’s label La Base Music Group, known for multi-platinum songs such as: “Fiel”, “Mi Niña”, and “Buenos Días”, among others. Now what are you waiting for? Play “Tu Recuerdo” on your favorite streaming platform!