Multi-platinum selling, GRAMMY® and Golden Globe nominated recording artist Wiz Khalifa released the deluxe version of his latest critically acclaimed album, Multiverse. Listen here! The deluxe album features fan favorite hits  including,  “High Maintenance”“Big Daddy Wiz”, and “Bad Ass Bitches”

Billboard heralded the original version of ‘Multiverse’ “as an emotional rollercoaster featuring Wiz like we’ve never heard him before.” Consequence described the album as “a richer, fuller sound than what’s common in many rap projects released today.” Following the release, XXL Magazine dubbed Wiz as “one of hip-hop’s most consistent artists.” 

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The 20-track deluxe album includes three additional tracks, “We Can Get More”, “Funkin”, and “Lost”. Since the release of Multiverse this past July, the album has racked up an impressive 21.8 million streams. Multiverse is Wiz’s seventh studio album and first full-length solo album since the release of Rolling Papers 2 in 2018. See below for the album tracklist.

Most recently, Wiz teamed up with other Taylor Gang artists, Fedd the God and Stixx, to release a music video for their group record “Creatures”.


  1. Big Daddy Wiz feat. Girl Talk
  2. MVP
  3. Memory Lane
  4. 1000 Women feat. THEY.
  5. Like You (Groove 3)
  6. Something Real
  7. High Maintenance
  8. Bad Ass Bitches
  9. Iced Out Necklace
  10. Keys
  11. We Don’t Go Out To Nightclubs Anymore/Candlelight Girl
  12. We’re Not Even
  13. Homies
  14. Mirror Love (Groove 2)
  15. Goyard Bags feat. THEY.
  16. Nobody Knows
  17. Thank Him

Additional Tracks

18. We Can Get More

19. Funkin

20. Lost