Kenny Muney Is Tony Montana For Halloween In “King Pin”

The Paper Route Empire Artist Introduces the Opps to his Little Friend in New Video Single

With his Memphis-bred hustler mentality and a flow that never fumbles, the world is Kenny Muney’s. Taking inspiration from Al Pacino’s iconic role as Tony Montana in Scarface, Kenny shares his new video single, “King Pin.” The track opens with Montana’s famous quote about the spoils of fame and fortune, before the track’s urgently booming production takes hold and Kenny kicks off his verse. Echoing the hard-learned lessons of the tragic hero he emulates, Kenny stresses the importance of diligence in this high-stakes lifestyle: “I watch how I move, I watch what I do, cause a lot of these n****s be singing.”

The video for “King Pin” arrives in the wake of recent clips from his Time Is Muney project, including the Dreezy-assisted “Nobody” and “No Days Off,” both of which will appear on the upcoming Time Is Muney (Deluxe). In “King Pin,” Kenny appears as Montana in his own version of the film’s iconic climax, as Tony loads up to make his last stand while hordes of enemies invade his home. Yet, the video closes with Kenny still fighting, knowing that his movie’s ending is still unwritten.

Released in February, Time Is Muney is a project suited for headphones–the better to be mesmerized by Kenny’s hypnotic flows. The tape is home to recent singles like “Backend Freestyle,” a flex heavy track that allowed Muney to reintroduce himself to fans, both new and old, and “Worthless,” which received a tequila-fueled music video. Featuring guest appearances from Kenny’s PRE associates Big Moochie Grape and Key GlockTime Is Muney is available everywhere.

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In the run up to Time Is Muney, the Paper Route Empire signee kept himself busy by releasing multiple singles, including “Lowkey,” “For Kenny,” “Long Time Coming,” and “Poppin It.” To kick off 2022, Kenny memorialized Dolph with “Role Model,” a touching tribute to Dolph which racked up over 1.9 million views on YouTube in its first two weeks, and appears on Time Is Muney, as well as the recent Paper Route Empire Presents: Long Live Dolph mixtape.

With Time Is Muney, Kenny Muney showed that he has the talent and determination to succeed in the Empire-building business. Stay tuned for more from Kenny Muney and Paper Route Empire.

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