163 Margs with new single ‘Talk Of The Town’

Following his viral debut single ‘Hide & Seek’ featuring rap sensation Digga D, rising Drill rapper 163 Margs releases the highly anticipated follow-up, Talk Of The Town – a moody, darkly energetic cut that boasts the distinct flow and lyrical wordplay that 163 Margs is quickly becoming renowned for.

While in recent times Drill has been under scrutiny for losing its sense of excitement and originality in the UK, 163 Margs is the masked enigma who has come to resuscitate the scene. Storming into the UK Top 40 with his debut single ‘Hide & Seek’ at #38 and racking up over 1.3m global streams in its first week, the track has kept Tiktok gripped in a viral chokehold. 

In a bold move back in August, 163 Margs took a leap of faith by uploading his first ever studio produced track to TikTok. Amassing over 4 million views and a staggering 600k+ likes before the track’s official release, it’s clear 163 Margs’ singular talent and style have struck a chord with audiences worldwide. While anticipation for ‘Hide & Seek’ reached fever pitch, bootleg stream versions of the track popped up all over the internet, a testament to the insatiable appetite of his fanbase and although 163Margs ticks all the boxes of a Drill artist on the surface, the South-East Londoner is here to prove this explosive start is more than just a moment.

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Still at the inception of his career, 163 Margs has garnered attention and support from heavyweights across the industry, including Unknown T, Nemzz, Top Boy’s Hope Ikpoku, Switch OTR, to name just a few. ‘Talk Of The Town’ is a powerful indicator of the bright future that awaits this emerging star and with a meteoric ascent out of the Drill stratosphere and into the mainstream charts, his immediate success is proof that Margs will soon be impossible to miss.