6 Dogs Begins Rollout of Posthumous Album RONALD, Unaltered From His Original Vision

Unaltered From His Original Vision, the Upcoming Album Continues the Late Rapper’s Mission to Spread Positivity Amidst Darkness

Ronald Chase Amick, the performer known as 6 Dogs, tragically passed away in January, leaving behind a deep catalog of uniquely personal, nostalgic, and uplifting songs and a finished album, originally scheduled to be released today, February 26th. The album originally had the title Wavebuilder’s Club, but shortly before he passed, the artist chose to change the name of the project to RONALD, signifying a new beginning for the young singer-rapper. Recorded and distributed completely independently (Chase owned his own masters), the album matches Chase’s original vision to a tee, and it remains unaltered since he finished the album and turned it into DSPs in January.

Created in collaboration with executive producer and engineer Daniel HartzogRONALD transports Chase’s lilting melodies into a sparkling, atmospheric sonic realm. Almost entirely free from explicit lyrics, RONALD was created with the masses in mind. Chase hoped that the album would help his fans confront their demons with positivity–to embrace their feelings, instead of succumbing to them, and to come out the other side happier. The album benefits from Chase’s innate instincts for hooks and his lyricism, which is alternately playful and profound. Featuring guest appearances from close friends Riz La Vie and Tahj Keeton, RONALD arrives on March 12th.

“We hope that this album will help you find love where there was fear, to find hope where there was emptiness, and to find light where there was darkness,” wrote Chase’s family in a statement.

Today, the family shares Starfire (Teen Titans),” the first glimpse of the upcoming album. Named after the eponymous character from the Cartoon Network show Teen Titans, who could translate sun and starlight into pure energy, “Starfire” is a perfect metaphor for 6 Dogs’ creative process, where he would draw energy from everyday life and figure out how to apply the lessons learned and emotions felt to his art. Combining astral synth squiggles with ringing guitars and thumping 808s, “Starfire” is an excellent showcase of 6 Dogs’ skill with conversational melody, as he reflects on how his flossy lifestyle doesn’t make him less lonely: “Creeping on the freeway all black Escalade/I was on the road now I’m all alone/Looking at space means I’m all alone/Tears all on my phone.”

A monument to the artist’s influence and singular point-of-view, the forthcoming RONALD album doesn’t wallow in tragedy or despair, but lights a path forward for those dealing with internal strife. Stay tuned for more music and information.

Buy/Stream “Starfire (Teen Titans)”: https://fanlink.to/starfire