Alina Baraz Sold Out First Show in Houston at Warehouse Live

Written By | Jordan Marble

Photo Credit: Jordan Marble

Warehouse Live is a big venue and hard to sale out the big Ball room but Alina Baraz sold it completely out on her first night of the tour. She brought with her a live band and also a backup dancer. Being a new fan, I can say I did not know all the songs she performed but the crowd was lively singing along to every word. My favorite song of the night was “I don’t even know why”, over all the show was very entertaining and energetic.

Although, there could have been a couple things done a little bit better. The background track was a tad bit too loud for my taste it sort of drowned out here voice. The lighting was amazing but there was not much spot light of her face, with Houston being the first night on tour I’m sure her team will work the issues out for the reminder of the tour. In conclusion, I would rate her show a 6 out of 10, with it being the first night of the tour I’m sure they will get the bugs worked out.

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