All That Remains “Disease of the Anima Tour” in Atlanta at The Masquerade

Disease of the Anima Tour: All That Remains / Lacuna Coil / Bad Omens / Toothgrinder / Uncured 

All That RemainsLacuna CoilBad OmensToothgrinder, and Uncured just crushed The Masquerade and shattered ear drums while on one of the biggest metal tours in 2019 (Disease of the Anima Tour) to hit Atlanta. Imprint Entertainment was there. Were you?

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All That Remains is a heavy metal band from Springfield, Massachusetts that formed back in 1998 and has released nine (9) LPs with Victim of the New Disease (2018) as their latest release. The band consists of Phillip Labonte (lead vocals), Mike Martin (guitar), Jason Costa (drums), Aaron Patrick (bass/backing vocals), and Jason Richardson (guitar). All That Remains came on stage to a roaring crowd that had eagerly anticipated their triumphant return to Atlanta. The band preserved a high level of intensity while performing their set and it lasted all the way to the final song of the night. The crowd was left with a lasting impression as most had just seen one of their favorite bands perform a passionate fifteen (15) song set from their discography.

Set list

  1. This Calling
  2. Chiron
  3. This Probably Won’t End Well
  4. Hold On
  5. The Last Time
  6. Fuck Love
  7. Blood I Spill
  8. Everything’s Wrong
  9. Wasteland
  10. Madness
  11. Not Alone
  12. Air
  13. Six
  14. What I Was Nothing
  15. Two Weeks


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Lacuna Coil is an Italian gothic/alternative metal band from Milan that formed in 1994. Previously, Lacuna Coil was known as Sleep of Right and Ethereal but went on to change their name to Lacuna Coil (meaning “empty spiral”) when they signed to Century Media in 1997. The band members include Andrea Ferro (male vocals), Marco Coti Zelati (bass/keyboards), Cristina Scabbia (female vocals), Diego “Didi” Cavalotti (guitars), and Richard Meiz (drums). Since 1999, Lacuna Coil has released nine (9) LPs with Black Anima being their most recent release. As I moved around the crowd in attendance, I noticed some die-hard Lacuna Coil fans mixed throughout as they happily sung word for word during their animated set.  

Set list

  1. Intro/ Blood, Tears, Dust
  2. Trip the Darkness
  3. Our Truth
  4. Spellbound
  5. Layers of Time
  6. Downfall
  7. Zombies
  8. My Demons
  9. The House of Shame
  10. Heaven’s A Lie
  11. Reckless
  12. Nothing Stands in Our Way

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Bad Omens is a metalcore/alternative metal band from Richmond, Virginia that formed back in 2015 and is signed to Sumerian Records. The band consists of Noah Sebastian (lead vocals), Joakim “Jolly” Karlsson (guitar/vocals), Nicholas Ryan (bass/backing vocals), and Nick Folio (drums). Bad Omens has released two (2) LPs and eight (8) singles since 2015. The crowd showed their enthusiasm for their song, “The Worst in Me”, which has gotten the band plenty of airplay on Sirius XM’s Octane channel as noted by lead singer Noah Sebastian.

Set list

  1. Mercy
  2. The Hell I Overcame
  3. Malice
  4. The Worst in Me
  5. Said & Done
  6. Exit Wounds
  7. Glass Houses
  8. Careful
  9. Burning Out

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Toothgrinder is a metal band that comes from Asbury Park, New Jersey and is signed to Spinefarm Records. The band consists of Justin Matthews (lead vocals), Jason Goss (guitar), Matt Arensdorf (bass/backing vocals), Wills Weller (drums), and Johnuel Hasney (guitar/backing vocals). Toothgrinder has released two (2) LPs and three (3) EPs to date. It has been a while since Toothgrinder has released new music since their last release, Phantom Amour (2017). Toothgrinder is definitely a name to remember because they are quickly becoming a fan favorite while touring constantly across North America to cheering fans.

Unfortunately, I was unable to make this set to start off the evening but that does not mean they won’t make my review. Uncured is a four (4) piece metal band that hails from New York City and is currently signed to Seek & Strike records. The lineup consists of Zak Cox (vocals/guitar), Rex Cox (guitar/vocals), Liam Manley (drums), and Spencer Metala (bass). The band has released two (2) LPs, two (2) EPs, and one (1) single for their track, “Terminal”. Uncured is another band that stays on the road as much as possible, so I know there will be another chance down the road. From what I heard from some of the crowd, Uncured really kicked off the evening with thunderous force as they melted some minds with their opening set.

Want to check out the Disease of the Anima Tour? Follow this link to All That Remains tour page and see if they are coming to a city/venue near you.

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