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Angels & Airwaves in Atlanta at the Masquerade

Written By | Matt Delaney

Angels and Airwaves at the Masquerade, Atlanta with Charming Liars and The New Regime

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The Masquerade hosted Tom Delongs long awaited return with Angels and Airwaves. The venue sold out the show within hours of release. When I showed up about thirty minutes prior to doors, the line to get in was stretched back to the parking deck. Fans eagerly waited to get in to the building and get the best view of the show. Masquerades Heaven venue is the largest of a three stage complex. I waited for the lines to calm down before collecting my photo pass to get in. Once I got in there were no lines at the bar and everyone was tightly packed in waiting for the show to start.

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First up on stage was Charming Liars. Charming Liars is a trio band from Los Angeles California, touring across the country and performing with Angels and Airwaves and stopping at several other locations and festivals. The lead singer did not fail to impress the crowd with strong vocals and dancing. The light show was very impressive and made for great photos.

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Second on stage was The New Regime. Rubin, the front man is best known for his work with Nine Inch Nails and boast a very talented set for multi-instrumentalist skill. He heavily led and fronted the stage with energy and charisma. Rubin would come to the front of stage and jam with a guitar solo giving the audience and photographers a great showing of talent on the guitar. Each set leading up to Angels and Airwaves was roughly thirty to forty minuets and they did not waste time in between sets.

Angels and airwaves hit the stage leading off with the drummer playing a solo jam with only flashing lights and lots of smoke as seen captured. The solo ran for about three minutes before Tom took the stage with ‘Surrender’. The lights were very psychedelic and played along with the beat of the music. Tom had his face hidden with a Ford hat worn down low where you could barely see his eyes.

He seemed highly focused and jammed as he did back in the days of Blink 182 kicking it with the guitar solos. Angels and Airwaves played a boastful set of seventeen songs which included a two song encore. Tom included a treat with a three song solo acoustic session which were songs from the Blink 182 days. The show was great and the turn out even better for a hot September, Monday night in Atlanta. This was Angels and Airwaves fourth stop on the tour after seven years in hiatus.

Photo Credit: Matt Delaney

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