“The visible effect made on a surface by pressure”

Baauer Announces Sophomore LP “PLANET’S MAD”

Harrison Rodrigues, the Portuguese New Yorker, London raised, 2x Platinum producer known as Baauer has announced his sophomore LP Planet’s Mad for June 5th via LuckyMe. Whereas in the past Baauer has focused on collaboration with some of the biggest names across genres (Jay-ZMissy ElliotElle FanningJennifer LawrenceSkeptaAJ TraceyLil Miquela, etc…) it’s with Planet’s Mad that he comes back to pure self-expression. An album rooted in the crossover dance acts he grew up listening to a la Fatboy SlimChemical BrothersBasement Jaxx and Daft Punk, cut with modern hip hop and pop, this album encompasses the digital culture we live within and is an album that is 100% Baauer.

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Conceived within a movie-like plot of a new world appearing above Earth, a vision executed in the new video, Planet’s Mad takes us through countless micro-genres where we’re exposed to the sound of alien creatures, children, news forecasts, burps and cosmic atmospherics – all whipped up into this uniquely maximalist dance record.

The first single ‘Planet’s Mad‘ begins the story of the album with a visual directed by Rick Farin and his studio Actual Objects. Built within game engines, the video sees Baauer in his apartment, making a beat, while news of the Planet rings out across news stations. He takes to the streets amidst the panic, to find creatures amongst us in Times Square. In the second half of the video, soundtracked by B-Side ‘Magic‘ – we get a glimpse of the cast of weird and wonderful creatures that occupy the planet itself; and take a fly-by tour of the planet Baauer’s been dreaming about.