Baby Tate Mixtape Release Party in Atlanta at Escobar

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Written By | Ebony McKennedy

As soon as I pulled up to Baby Tate mixtape release party on a late Saturday night, the venue was super packed full of supporters! The whole experience was awe-inspiring because of all of the love and the support her fans proved to her, by not letting her down and flooding the entire block waiting for her arrival. As soon as I walked in the venue there was not one section, bar or table that was idle for a time like this.

Every wall was filled with beautiful photos of Baby Tate. Baby Tate provided a huge motion selfie section for everyone to have fun, taking motion photos of themselves. Drinks were provided at the bar as they awaited for her arrival. The energy was on 10 but instantly switch to 100 real quick as soon as Baby Tate arrived.

See more photos of Baby Tate HERE

Everyone including myself was thrilled to see her as soon as she pulled up. Loving the artist of who she is and what she brings to her fans! Which is Confidence , Bold , Sexy , and love being her true authentic self. Definitely gave “That’s Her” vibes all throughout the venue as soon as she arrived ! Her energy had the audience ecstatic, giving it all she got. Performing her HOT NEW mixtape Mani/Pedi. It was definitely giving what it needed to give “ That’s Her”!

Baby Tate’s closet friends and family surrounded her section with their love and support as well. Cameras flashing all around her as soon as she began to perform. The audience began to crowd even more with people standing outside to hear from Baby Tate. The hype was real! I’m loving her new mixtape and how genuine and appreciative she was for everyone who showed up to support her! The love for her was real in the building! A show you couldn’t miss!

Photos By | Ebony McKennedy