Bastille in Philadelphia at The MET with Joywave

Written By | Bre Cura

You might expect a Monday night show to be pretty calm, and perhaps low on the attendance side of things, but this wasn’t the case for Bastille’s opening night show of their “Doom Days Tour.  Part 1” in Philadelphia. Hundreds of fans were lined up outside The Met, waiting anxiously to get inside. Some guests had been waiting all day, and even beat the VIP guests into the building.

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Joywave opened up the night, and immediately you could feel the excitement in the room. As they walked onstage, neon outfits brightened by the blacklights, fans erupted into applause. Joywave, having just released a new single “Obsession” in August of this year, performed the hit, along with many other fan favorites. Their high energy music was the perfect introduction to the night.

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As time drew closer for Bastille to take the stage, The Met was abuzz with excited guests purchasing merchandise, drinks, and filling in almost every seat in the building. Bastille’s utilization of space was evident in their stage set up. An electronic screen provided the perfect backdrop for the band, beautifully flowing graphics and lyrics illuminating the room. A small TV to the right of the stage served a simple yet effective prop, along with a giant ladder which lead singer Dan Smith climbed toward the middle of their set.

A giant red moon sat behind Dan, allowing the ambiance of one of his slower songs to echo through the room. Interacting with fans is key to having a well-respected stage presence, and Bastille’s use of the stage helped every fan in the room to feel as though they were front row. Even from the back of the room, the energy was held up by the quick moving projections, and the high-flying jumps by Dan. Encouraging the crowd to dance, jump, and clap along with them, Bastille could not have put on a better opening night performance. 

Photos By | Bre Cura

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