Bayside Gives Chicago A Moment to Remember at Chi Town’s Concord Music Hall with Openers Thrice and Anxious

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Written By | Hannah Schiff

Just across the street from Chicago’s iconic thrift story Village Discount is a venue Concord Music Hall where hundreds of excited concert goers flocked in. Their hearts beating loudly in anticipation of the line on June 15th. Anxious, Thrice, and Bayside. Three amazing bands from different cities stopping in Chicago for a night of moshing.

The first band up was Anxious true to their name their music itched the scratch of people whom have anxiety a nice and clean metal sound with an excellent bassist. Their set was short and sweet and set the stage perfect for the next band.

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Thrice what an amazing fan base they have you could feel the eagerness to hear their thrasher music. Each song coming on was better than the last and they even played a Beatles song. The lighting setup was colorful and bright and had a lot of orange and purples and created a nice stage setting for their incredible music.

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Last but not least was Bayside residing from New York they have been together since 2004. They were the headliner for the night and fans anxiously awaited hearing their iconic lyrics. After some trouble shooting the band comes out light in an all white lighting and starts playing some of their most popular songs. They played a new song called ‘Strangest Faces’ that was a single they dropped this year. It had a totally different sound to their other music but it was fantastic and a perfect song to play right in the middle of their set. Anthony Raneri the lead singer pulled out an acoustic guitar and played a beautiful melodic song and then went into their heavier stuff.

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Concert-goers shouted their lyrics from the top of their lungs and playful pushed each other while joyfully listening to their live music. Fans were left grasping for more of their heart touching lyrics once they played their final and most streamed song ‘Devotion and Desire’ after that they took their instruments and quickly moved on to the next city in their tour.

Photos By | Hannah Schiff