Bear’s Den in Toronto at Phoenix Concert Theatre

Written By | Abby Siva

On May 24th, Phoenix Concert Theatre hosted the amazing Bear’s Den in Toronto, Canada. Bear’s Den is a British folk rock band from London, England. In attendance, there were countless die-hard fans ranging from all ages dying to hear them play. Before you could enter the theatre, you could see the eagerly awaiting fans outside. The crowd was waiting patiently to experience the performance that this band can provide. It was a sold out show with no room to move around.

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Throughout the act, the audience knew every song and sang along to the band as they played oldies as well as their new tracks from their new album, So that you might hear me. Phoenix Concert Theatre was packed with energy from start to finish. You could feel the energy coming from the crowd after every word spoken by the band. Many of the audience’s friends and family were holding onto one another as they exclaimed the lyrics at the top of their lungs.

The exuberant energy from this mix aged group was a sight to behold and the band was enjoying every second of it.  Bear’s Den has been performing for many years, but you could not judge that by how they performed. You could see the pure enjoyment for performing as they strummed their guitars. They still enjoyed playing together and simply jamming together like they were back in their garage. The attendees could tell and lived off their joy for performance.


The energy coming from the attendees and the band created an atmosphere that was incomparable. Everyone was simply enjoying the music and letting it take over every inch of them. Letting it hit every part of their heart string as the band sang out their songs. To put it simply, this was a show to see with a crowd that provided an atmosphere for the band to sing their hearts out.

Photo Credit: Abby Siva

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