Billy Davis and the Good Lords partied all night with the sold out Howler crowd

Written By | Hannah Robinson

Photo By | Hannah Robinson

Billy Davis and his talented, collaborative band ‘The Good Lords’ headlined an explosive show on the 19th of January at Howler in Melbourne, Australia.

I knew it wouldn’t take long for the party to begin on Saturday night as the long line of concertgoers were let inside and electronic hip hop artist Tentendo (who also plays bass and produces for The Good Lords) was already on stage, ready at his computerised synthesiser.

Photo By | Hannah Robinson

Tentendo had the crowd pumped up and raring to go from the very start and as he took the stage between each artist’s set he certainly did not let the mood of the room fall.

Next to take the stage was Blasko, another member of The Good Lords, and his newly renamed band, ‘the Lazy Boys’, consisting of guitarist and producer Matt Foudoulis (better known as Matty Fads) and Joshua Azriel on the synthesiser, who was also celebrating his birthday on the day.





The celebrations continued during the gig as Blasko, Matty Fads and the crowd sung happy birthday to Josh. Blasko, the R&B/electronic/soul singer/songwriter played hit after hit, including his recently released track “Japanese Hotel” which came from a memorable dream where a figure said to him “welcome to the Japanese hotel” which can be heard repeated in the chorus of the song.

Twice during the set Blasko brought out fellow Good Lords member Jordan Dennis to sing and rap on their collaborative tracks such as “Crumbs”. It was easy to see how well the two get along and even easier to hear how well their music works together.

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Milan Ring
Photo By | Hannah Robinson

After another short set from Tentendo, singer, rapper, guitarist, producer, mix & mastering engineer extraordinaire, Milan Ring began her set alongside Marcello Maio on keys. Milan’s dynamic talents were shown through the hour as she managed her loops, beats and samples, while playing the electric guitar AND sharing her raw, honest lyrics with her beautiful vocals.

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To keep the party going Billy Davis and the Good Lords began their set. With Billy Davis front and centre, the Good Lords filled the rest of the stage around him. Along with aforementioned Tentendo, Blasko, and Jordan Dennis, was the beautiful vocalists Kye and Rahel Phillips, guitarist Cristian Barbieri and drummer Josh Albert.





Billy Davis and the Good Lords brought lots of fun to the crowd as they interacted in various ways. There were selfies with the audience, splitting the crowd in two before running/dancing back together (which Davis jokingly assured was HR approved) or Jordan Dennis jumping into the crowd himself to rap and dance among everyone.

The eight performers seemed to feed off of each others energy and it truly lit up the room. They were having fun and loving what they do and that attitude really showed. The room was full of love as many friends and family members had come along to support their loved ones. Billy Davis and the Good Lords put on a spectacular show that I encourage everyone to go be a part of if you ever have the chance.

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