On September 30th, 2018 Birthday, The Orphan The Poet and headliner, The Score stopped at the Velvet Underground in Toronto for their Revolution Tour. Since this particular venue has had lines down the street by the time I arrived for previous events, I was very surprised to find only a handful of people waiting when I first arrived.

I figured at that point that my night would go one of two ways; either I was going to have a very long night ahead of me, or, I was going to have a super intimate and amazing concert experience. The latter turned out to be the case, and I believe that people in Toronto missed out on a terrific night!

First to take the stage was Birthday, (Duran Visek) a twenty-three year old alternative pop singer, songwriter and producer from California. Although there weren’t many people in the venue, Birthday made sure to include even the wallflowers in his set and had a very captivating energy.

Birthday had a pleasant voice that paired well with the different instruments he used throughout, which were electric and acoustic guitars as well as a tambourine. Between upbeat pop and husky alternative sounds, Birthday had outstanding spirit during his performance and definitely left Toronto with some new fans that evening.
>> Watch a sneak peek of Birthday live here <<
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Next was The Orphan The Poet, an alternative band from Columbus, Ohio consisting of David Eselgroth (vocals and guitar), Jake Floyd (bass) and Sam Gordon (drums) who had the venue ‘Buzzin’. Not only did David’s electric yellow outfit give me life, but the entire mood of TOTP’s set had everyone animated, even those wallflowers.

I don’t think anyone here knows us.” David said at one point early in their set and I nearly laughed because well, I knew of them thanks to Spotify and clearly a few others in the audience did too because we were singing along with some of their more popular songs. Not only did they perform originals, but The Orphan The Poet also played a cover of ‘Sk8er Boi’ by Avril Lavigne that had people getting silly. At one point, a fan in the audience even had a little sing-along bro moment with them. It was hilarious and amazing. These guys had magnetic energy and super catchy lyrics that provided for a very memorable set. I can’t wait to see them again in the future!
>> Watch a sneak peek of The Orphan The Poet here <<
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Headlining the night was The Score, an alternative band from Los Angeles, California consisting of Eddie Anthony (vocals and guitar) and Edan Dover (keys) who are signed to Republic Records. These guys certainly had fans in the audience, in fact, a pair that I initially had been standing beside were talking about how they had been waiting for months to see The Score; this was an exciting night for them! The floor filled up with more people the moment they took to the stage and there were many singing along to their lyrics from each song.

I had already been excited to see these guys perform live, but they exceeded my expectations! The Score had a brilliant set from start to finish. Alongside the terrific lighting setup, amusing chatter between songs, and powerful lyrics, both Eddie and Edan harmonized perfectly together. They charmed their fans with their astounding energy and an impressive production for a truly unforgettable performance.
>> Watch a sneak peek of The Score live here <<
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Overall, I’m still buzzin from the other night, these bands set me on fire and I genuinely hope that even more people show up next time they come through Toronto, because all deserve to have many more fans! You can check out this link here for their current tour information to see if they’re stopping in your city.

Keep up-to-date with all things BIRTHDAY by checking out his website, facebook, twitter, instagram, spotify and youtube. Check out the latest music video below.

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Keep up-to-date with all things THE SCORE by checking out their website, facebook, instagram, twitter, spotify and youtube. Check out the latest music video below.

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