BØRNS slays Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium

Written By | Walter Lytz

Borns (75 of 75)

Everyone is young and beautiful. Joy exudes, anticipation electrifies. Twin Shadow is on their second song. The signer’s denim jacket sparkles and his voice seduces. He tells a joke and the audience laughs. A connection is made. The audience feels at home.

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A final song and the headliner is introduced. The crowd erupts. And then waits. And waits. And waits some more.

The intermission permits further inspection of the premises. Nashville is here. PacSun models and the treasurer of the high school AV club. Nurses in scrubs and soccer moms. Jimmy and grandpa. All pleasantly mingled.

And the venue. Cozy, intimate. And HOT, like a day at the beach. Not a bad seat in the house, yet no one is sitting.

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BØRNS takes the stage to the abrupt roar of excited devotees. He welcomes us, and we welcome him. Disciples bring forth gifts of flowers and socks placed unassumingly on the altar.

Borns (4 of 13)

Dressed in pink, the wizard casts his spell. Singing, crying and laughter escape from the deep space in our souls. He performs and we get lost in the moment. The energy builds.

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This must have been what Bowie or Mick Jagger were like. Comparison to 1973’s Elton John is confirmed when he performs “Bennie and the Jets.” If you weren’t a believer before, you have now been baptized and confirmed. Reconciliation is soon to follow.

An hour collapses into seconds and we’re still waiting for Electric Love. He thanks us and plays the last song and we’re a little let down. But we’ve seen this trick before. He’s not getting off so easy and he knows it. He’s compelled back onstage for an encore performance of Electric Love. The congregation detonates as the night is resolved.

Photos By | Alma Reed

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