Dutch-born breakout star Nicole Bus brings to life her hit single “You” with the release of her new visual. The retro-vibed imagery, directed by Daniel Iglesias Jr., adds depth to the track–produced by Grammy Award-winning producer Needlz— which has garnered a significant amount of attention since its December release. The Amsterdam-based songstress emits raw emotion and nostalgia with her soulful blend of hip-hop, reggae, and R&B backed by Wu-Tang Clan’s classic “C.R.E.A.M”, with the original sample taken from The Charmels “As Long As I Got You”. Ghostface Killah couldn’t resist hopping on the track and added a fresh verse creating his own remix of the breakout single. “You” is poetic, powerful, and provocative— the perfect way to get to know this multi-facted singer.

When describing the single Nicole states, “I would like to share my experience with others so they can be encouraged and relate to the story in my music. It would be great to see people all over the world dancing and enjoying the melodies. Whenever there’s a blue day I promise I can be the sunlight through your speakers.”

As one of Roc Nation’s newest signees, Nicole Bus has proven to be an empathetic writer, powerhouse vocalist, talented multi-instrumentalist, and impassioned performer. Nicole’s first single “You” hints at the scope of her robust range and the global implications of the sound — delivering a striking signature style on her freshman track.

Nicole was recently featured on Amazon Music’s “Weekly One”– a program designed to give developing artists an opportunity to reach broader audiences, and become more discoverable to customers at the very start of their careers through additional programming opportunities across original content, marketing, and more.

Stay tuned, as this is an introduction to what Nicole Bus has in simmering for 2019 and beyond.

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