Today, the critically acclaimed duo Command Sisters share their latest track “Rain On My Parade” via 21 Entertainment/Universal Music Canada/Republic Records. Listen to “Rain On My Parade” HERE.

Made up of siblings Charlotte and Sarah, Command Sisters wrote the deeply personal song after experiencing a traumatic event in their own lives. Describing their thought process behind “Rain On My Parade,” they commented, “While we were writing it, we wanted to capture the moment a victim realizes that the person that hurts them no longer has control of them. It’s basically a middle finger moment.”

Despite the emotional subject matter, Command Sisters deliver the heavy hitting lyrics in their undeniable signature style full of boldness, seduction and raw truth. Being honest and transparent has always been a key part of who they are, and this single is no different. “This song and subject matter are something most people can connect with – whether it’s mental health causing havoc in your life, a toxic relationship or the pandemic and financial struggles. Bad things happen to good people all the time.” They continued, “Writing ‘Rain On My Parade’ was the release of all those feelings we had bottled up.” 

“Rain On My Parade” is the first new musical offering from Command Sisters in 2021. Over the last year, Command Sisters have turned heads and caught listeners attention with their dramatic style and even hotter hooks. Their singles, “Steal Your Heart,” “Feel Good,” “Lonely Lullaby,” “I Like It” and “I Can Do What I Want To” have gained them a loyal following among critics and fans alike.  Billboard praised “I Like It,” as “a catchy, guitar-driven track about a fiery, undeniable attraction.” 

Stay tuned for the official video for the single expected in the coming weeks and much more from Command Sisters!