Written By | Anubis

A cold stormy night for the city of Atlanta and The Masquerade, walking into the Venues purgatory building you could feel the calm energy throughout the room. After guest check in at the ticket counter they are greeted by Broncho’s merchandise table to their lefts and the venue’s stage and bar in front of them, as guest start to gather in and get their drinks from the bar and crowd the stage, the lights lower and the two openers take the stage one after another.

The first opener, a very mellow and eclectic band, moving the early show crowd with their 80’s funk rock style music. The Second opener a more upbeat Pop-rock band, giving the crowd a bit more energy, one woman in the crowd actually asking how they were doing during a pause in their set and they spend the whole pause asking each other how they were doing, they continue their set as more fans start to fill the venue.

Next on Stage is Headliner Broncho and at this point, fans are grabbing the stage and filling the venue to the door. The Lights lower and a red X in lights is shown on the floor, music starts to play and the red lights start to blind with the beat, at the drop Headliner Broncho walks on stage and fans Cheer wildly, Broncho Starts their set with a beat matching light show that have fans in awe as the lead guitarist starts to sing the opening song. Broncho plays songs off their newly released album Bad Behavior and classics like 2014 hit, Class Historian and Try Me Out Sometime.


Fans are dancing and singalong in the crowd some even mouthing every word as the band plays, giving fans everything they could ask for with their performance The Band thanks everyone for joining them tonight and supporting them through the years, with one last light show the show ends and fans cheer a statically as Broncho leaves the stage.

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