Burberry reveals its Spring/Summer 2021 campaign, bringing together contrasting worlds in an exploration of differing perspectives and viewpoints.

Photographed by Juergen Teller, the campaign presents a dichotomy between images: two different realms, indoors and outdoors, nature and fashion. Images captured within the scenography of the Spring/Summer 2021 show, with models immersed in nature, are juxtaposed with classical raw studio shots. Through these opposing lenses, the collection is presented from different viewpoints, transforming with the environment around them.

Playing upon the overarching theme of the collection, rooted in a modern love story between a mermaid and a shark, the Spring/Summer 2021 campaign continues to expand on one of Burberry’s signature house codes: duality – constantly exploring the fusion of romanticism with innovation, form with function and past with future.

The Spring/Summer 2021 collection remasters the iconic emblems and hallmarks of the luxury fashion house – its character, nature and unique British DNA – with a modern free energy. A spirit of rebellion re-energising tradition. Natural canvas, denim and industrial, rubberised fabrications combine with delicate chiffon and crystal embroideries – streetwear meets classic.

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Alongside Juergen Teller, Riccardo gathered a team of iconic talent including stylist Katy England, Burberry Global Beauty Director Isamaya Ffrench and hair stylist Gary Gill.

The cast includes models He Cong, Tyler Forbes, Khali Ghani, Kayako Higuchi, Tashi Kwaiye, Reece Nelson, Yiorgos Paraskevas, Aylah Peterson, Claus Royo, Liv Walter, Anok Yai.

‘I had started taking backstage pictures myself in 1993, so I loved Riccardo’s idea to combine these types of images with ones shot in a studio. The forest where the show was set had this really strong aesthetic so mixing together the nature of that location with the studio was a really intriguing way to visualise a campaign.’ Juergen Teller, photographer

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‘This campaign came together as we were working on the show itself, which I really enjoyed as it felt like a natural creative progression. Riccardo is such an amazing art director and we have been working together for many years now, but this was also my first time working with Juergen for a long while, which made this campaign experience very exciting too. I am personally fond of mixing the unexpected together, I believe it is always vital to constantly challenge ourselves to generate something fresh and to create imagery that is new.’ Katy England, stylist

‘I love working with Riccardo – he’s so committed to his vision and it always feels like you are being brought in to work on something very special. The whole experience this season was really memorable – having the opportunity to see Riccardo and Anne create something together was quite magical, then Juergen also joining and capturing this amazing campaign that felt very alive and real.’ Isamaya Ffrench, Burberry Global Beauty Director

‘Exploring contrasting perspectives in this campaign was an amazing way to see our work from different points of view. Riccardo’s hands-on approach and attention to detail meant all of these nuances were captured perfectly.’ Gary Gill, hair stylist

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