Multi-talented Argentine singer-songwriter, CAZZU, surprises all her fans with the premiere of her highly-anticipated new album, “ERROR 93,” her second production. In addition, today she also releases the first single off the album, “DE CERO.” The album and single are now available on all digital music platforms.

Error 93” was produced by talented music producers such as Yael Gonzalez and La Paciencia, and is comprised of 10 new songs written by Cazzu that open the doors for the singer’s new artistic era. This is a very dynamic album, with different innovative sounds in each song, and showcasing different influences of genres that refresh the urban character that represents Cazzu. The album also contains powerful messages that talk about strength and empowerment, something that has always characterized Cazzu as an artist.

After the great successes that she has had during her career, this new album surpasses all expectations, thanks to the high-quality that Cazzu always delivers in her art and in each of her musical projects. In a short time, the artist has managed to reach large audiences from her first songs, because she has been one of the most innovative singers in her country and is one of the main exponents of Argentine trap in the international arena.

At only 25 years of age, Cazzu has performed in front of audiences of more than 170,000 people and, this year, she managed to take her successful “Emo Club Tour” to different countries and festivals such as the Buenos Aires Trap Festival and the famous Lollapalooza. Also, the singer has reached the top three positions of the most heard female artists on Spotify as well as being one of the seven accounts with the most listeners in her Argentina.

Undoubtedly, this new album marks a new era for Cazzu and promises to expand her horizons and take her to dominate even more territories, as well as the general market. Currently, Cazzu is nominated in the category of “Viral Artist: The Most Liked, Shared and Listened to Artist” at the MTV MIAW 2019 Awards, which will be held on June 23 in Mexico. As if that were not enough, the artist was also nominated to Premios Juventud 2019, in the category of “New in the US, but Big at Home,” a ceremony that will take place in Miami on July 18.



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