Deaf Havana Stop On Their Long Awaited Return To Mainland-Europe In Berlin

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Written and Captured By | Chantal Burau

Deaf Havana stopped on their European tour in Berlin at Hole44 with their support Atlas Bird. With their last german dates being ages ago and after some changes to their member line-up, which now consists only of the two Veck-Gilodi brothers James and Matthew. And also with the latest album in the luggage, the tour was long awaited by the fans which could also be seen during the show. 

The evening started off with Atlas Bird, the Duo from Leipzig offered an interesting set with Songs of their new Album as well as older Songs. Setting the mood of the evening with euphoric and multilayered pop soundscapes. 

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While the playlist during the break was a bit tiring, Deaf Havana then entered the stage and started with a more powerful song and as soon as James Veck-Gilodi‘s clear and strong voice started to echoed through the club, they got the energy back on track. Their set was a mixture of fast and slow songs, though sometimes the switches between the moods where a bit too short, the show was still impressive and fun. Nevertheless the energy of the crowd was strong and continuously good.

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Deaf Havana mainly played songs from their latest two albums, The Present is a Foreign Land which was just released back in July and RITUALS back from 2018, which could be a small let down if fans were looking forward to here older songs between the brand new songs as well after not being able to see them for so long. Overall the show was worth the wait and it was interesting to see the new direction the Veck-Gilodi brothers went with their latest album, which  includes brazenly pop elements, sweeping soundscapes, vulnerable songwriting and it still has some of their arena rock spirit of their older work to it.