Delain in San Francisco at Slim’s with Amorphis

Written By | Andres Piedrahita

In the beginning, what was to be thought of a whole heavy metal band to be played, was
definitely thrown out the window. The show started off very light with the first opener being so sweet and such a wonderful soul. Her voice was pure and heavenly with ever note she hit while singing. She then played some cover songs from Dolly Partin and some other famous artists from that era.


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After, she left the stage Amorphis was up next to play and the mood shifted drastically from sweet and kind to demonic voices! Their set was intense, with heavy/low vocals and awesome guitar riffs every so often. The lead singer was definitely in his element and was head banging every chance he got. The mood was uplifted during their time on stage for sure!

After Amorphis was done on stage, the crowd was excited for the final band called “Delainie”.


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The band members came up on stage one by one to the opening music that prior to the actual concert. Once the lead singer came on stage the crowd went insane with cheers and loud yelling. It was amazing seeing the crowd get so into the band and watch them head band while the lead singer would get close to the audience. Every so often she would get close to the crowd and the crowd would get more excited as time went on. This crowd was from all over the world and I am sure they will remember this day in the city of San Francisco.

Photo Credit: Andres Piedrahita

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