Dillon Francis & Yung Gravy “Sugar, Spice and Everything Ice Tour” hits Denver’s Mission Ballroom

Dillon Francis and Yung Gravy take over!

Written By | Jessica Kelly

Two names you’ve probably seen pop-up on your four you page on TikTok. Dillon Francis and Yung Gravy have been taking the internet by storm, and they finally teamed up on tour. The name of this tour makes sense as this kicked off in early January into mid February. It’s some of the coldest months of the year hitting the Midwest and the East Coast. On January 27th, they made their way into Denver, Colorado, and sold out yet another date of this tour. 

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It has snowed earlier in the day, landing a few inches of snow on the ground and freezing temperatures during the night. This didn’t stop most of the crowd from showing up in tutu skirts and crazy outfits. At Mission Ballroom, this venue attracts all different concert goers with a variety of music genres. 

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The night started our slow, people were still getting to the doors past 9pm to get a good spot for the headlining acts. Yung Gravy’s DJ, DJ Trip started out with playing some old school songs to get the crowd warmed up. At one point, he was also throwing out Mini Bite muffins into the crowd. The energy started moving once he played a mix of songs such as “Sugar We’re Going Down,” “Sweet Caroline,” “Crazy Rap (Colt 45 & 2 Zig Zags)” and many more. 

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Yung Gravy came back out with his DJ after his set was over and the crowd went wild. Everyone was cheering, the lights were bright, and everyone was having a great time. He played some of his more popular songs, some of which you might have heard on TikTok such as “oops!” “Mr. Clean,” and “Magic.” Confetti and smoke were coming out of the blasters on stage, and kept interacting with the crowd during his songs.

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The show was live streamed throughout the night, and both of the artists communicated this throughout social media. Dillon Francis emerged from darkness to finish off the night for a hour and a half. Smoke came from the stage and the crowd was loud and full of energy. Lights were flashing throughout the crowd and on the stage and played a variety of mashups throughout the night. The bass line was heavy all night and fast-paced and transitioned well into the dubstep pieces of his music. This type of music is out of my normal realm, but throughout his set I was pleasantly impressed and this tour is definitely one that you cannot miss for the remainder of the dates left. 

Photos By | Jessica Kelly

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