Dreamville’s Lute Continues His Life Journey On Introspective Video “Finding Self”

“Finding Self” Resides on Lute’s Deluxe Album ‘Gold Mouf’

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Lute refuses to rest on his laurels as he churns out more riveting content for his fans to indulge in by releasing his new video “Finding Self”. The seven-minute visual, helmed by Juan Felipe Zuelta, finds a young girl befriending Lute, who appears half-man and half-robot. After powering him up, Lute and the girl try different activities, such as dancing and playing basketball, hoping to find himself. “Some days I just wish I was strong, I put all myself in these songs /Pour up some liquor, I pour out my demons / I look in the mirror, can no longer see me /Look to my left and some kid wanna be me,” he raps. “Finding Self” resides on Lute’s Gold Mouf Deluxe. 

After a mesmerizing performance at The Dreamville Festival earlier this year, Lute joined his labelmates for two cuts on the D-Day: A Gangsta Grillz Mixtape compilation, which debuted in the top five of Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and Top Rap Albums charts.

With Gold Mouf Chronicles, Lute gets vulnerable about his battle with anxiety, and the toll it had on his family. He also shares his bout with open-heart surgery that left his future up to fate. While the procedure was successful, Lute’s experiences have a lasting mental and physical impact. But rather than succumb to his fears, Lute valiantly wears his vulnerabilities on his sleeves, advancing his skills as an MC and deepening his connection with his fans.