Edie Yvonne: Unearth a Darkened Pop Sensibility with “Stain”

Edie Yvonne, a talented 14-year-old singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, has been making waves in the music industry. Despite the challenges of quarantine, she managed to write and debut her first album, At Ease, last year at just 13 years old. In the past five months alone, she has released four singles – Stain, Random Boy, Eyes of Lies, and With the Light.

Edie has been a talented theater performer since she was three years old, honing her skills at the prestigious YADA Youth Academy of Dramatic Arts. She has graced the stage in numerous acclaimed productions such as Chorus Line, Xanadu, Cats, and Hairspray. She has received invaluable guidance from accomplished voice coach Katie Riggs throughout her journey.

“Stain” produced by Nicky Swedin and Cormac Liotta, represents Edie Yvonne’s uncompromising vision, evoking a darkened pop sensibility that mingles with an eerie mystique. The song’s haunting strings convey a sense of anguish and despair, ultimately engulfing the listener in its intense evolution. Edie’s commanding voice exudes unwavering strength while maintaining a raw vulnerability, holding nothing back. Her unique vision infuses multiple genres, ranging from pop to classical, trip-hop, and beyond. “Stain” delivers an unapologetic experience that leaves a lasting impression.

The track’s evolution is impressive, as its scope has inspired a unique presence. The artist masterfully utilizes melody to enhance the rhythm, providing a powerful impact. Her thoughtfully chosen words effectively convey the heart of the message, driven by a strong vision. The resulting sound is weighty, avoiding trendy elements to create a classic feel that seamlessly blends traditional and contemporary elements.

Edie Yvonne explores a mysterious domain through the haunting ambiance of “Stain,” evoking a sense of dark elegance. Her highly anticipated forthcoming single, In the Rain, is set to drop on June 30th. Keep an ear out for this emerging star.