Ela Taubert, the young Colombian singer-songwriter who has surprised the music scene with a unique voice that conveys messages of female empowerment, hope and love, releases her new single “¿CÓMO ES QUE TÚ?”

The artist, who is part of the Art House Project – an extraordinary alliance between Universal Music Latino, Art House Academy and Abbey Road Studios – has quickly captivated the audience thanks to her refreshing sound and lyrics that express deep emotions with which many people can identify with.

After her debut song “Crecer” went viral on TikTok, accumulating nearly 10,000 original creations, and surpassing 2 million streams on digital platforms, Ela arrives with “¿CÓMO ES QUE TÚ?”; a single that already became a TikTok phenomenon with more than 2 million views.

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The song conveys the conflicting feelings that arise when we meet someone who arouses our interest, at the precise moment when our plans are far from the possibility of falling in love. With her voice, Ela reveals the crossroads that these moments represent and the difficulty of choosing the best path.

Undoubtedly, Ela will continue to surprise the audience as well as the press which already has all their attention on her, making her a strong promise of Latin Pop music. Next up, Ela will share her energy and talent live in an amazing concert in Miami on November 23. Stay tuned for more!