Emma Gatsby announces new EP prod. by Channel Tres, AUGUST 08 & Tim Suby

Emma Gatsby Goes “Insane” On New Single

Announces ‘Sweet Nostalgia’
EP Out This Spring

Listen to “Insane” exclusively via Billboard

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Singer-songwriter Emma Gatsby announces her debut EP ‘Sweet Nostalgia’ – a rebellious and introspective six-track collection that marries her distinct contemporary vocals with atmospheric synths for a memorable alt-pop contribution. The announcement arrives with her new single “Insane,” an enchanting tune that empathizes love’s longing and its dark, twisted truth.

“I’m an all or nothing person so my relationships tend to fall on the extreme side of things,” Emma tells Billboard on her inspiration behind the single. “If I’m not borderline obsessed, I’m not interested. There’s no point if it doesn’t drive me a little crazy, so the song is about that.

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Emma collaborated with Channel Tres, AUGUST 08, and Tim Suby on her upcoming EP and calls it a “huge departure” from her previous work. Despite the success of 2016’s sprinkle of tracks: “2 Steps” and “Young,” Emma decided she needed to step away from music for several years away to better discover her sound, which meant finding herself in the process.

Her debut EP, aptly titled ‘Sweet Nostalgia,’ is a sonic tribute to New York in the Jazz Age, 100 years on. The project is punctuated with orchestral elements dating back to the 1920’s, as well as rag-time samples — a nod to her late father who would play the genre’s hits on the piano while the family danced. The result is an homage to pre-Depression hedonism. “When I first heard it,” Gatsby reveals of the new music, “I felt like I was back at my property.”

Raised on the Long Island estate depicted by F. Scott Fitzgerald as his titular character’s extravagant home in The Great Gatsby, Gatsby (nee Handler) was orphaned in her adolescence and bounced from negligent boarding schools to court-appointed custodians. After eventually emancipating herself at 16, she returned to rent the ‘Gatsby mansion,’ earning her pseudo-surname from high school peers as a result of the unruly parties she threw on the King’s Point compound. It’s an almost-inconceivable amount of adversity to have overcome by 23, but Gatsby says it was distilling her trauma into songs that kept her sane.